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“File Name Import Bug” (the best name I could think of)

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So, I found a tiny bug with version 10.17.8 for Mac:

  • I need to import a folder of images into Evernote
  • I select all of the images in the folder, and drag them into the Evernote window. Evernote dutifully creates a single note for each image.
  • Evernote throws up a "Something went wrong" error message.
  • Check the images by double-clicking each of them In the Finder. Each open fine.
  • Look harder at the file names.

If the file name ends with a space character, Evernote cannot import it. Removing the trailing space allowed Evernote to import it properly.

Like I said, a tiny bug. I hope that helps! If I can be of additional assistance, let me know.


Evernote error message

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