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Remove greeting displayed over header photo

Jerome P


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Ever watched at a medieval painting ? With all these elements all over the picture, filling every empty area ?

They call it „horror vacui“, the fear of leaving unoccupied zones on the canvas.

I understand that there are at least as many opinions about design decisions as there are participants in a survey - but I personally like to be properly greeted, see the date (would appreciate the weather), have my own look & feel by using a picture I like (would prefer more of them, and rotation, and random selection), and can do without filling every spot with yet another widget.

We will see where the discussion takes us. Hopefully to something where everybody can say „This is MY dashboard, I did it for me“.

@Jerome P It is not really rocket science to create a 50% grey and place it - the most neutral you can get. To make it slightly irritating, you can add a hint of random fractals to it, which breaks up the solitary grey area without adding distracting visual information.

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To join in here: I replaced the background image with a monochrome dark greyish image i produced with irfan view (attached here). It is ok viewed in light and dark mode and you get at least rid of - for some of us - disturbing background image. Would love to see an option to chose monochrome background right away in the app. And I gave a +1 vote to option to remove greeting and date. On normal days I remember my name and time of date 😉



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