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Evernote returner - old notebooks deleted but still showing in sidebar

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Hi - I'm giving "the new"EN" a test after a long time away. I've got rid of my legacy notes and have started again, but...

  1. I have two notebooks listed in the sidebar that I can neither access, unfollow or delete.
  2. They were shared with me by others who, like me, have long ago closed their EN accounts
  3. When I click on the either items I get "Notebook not found" in a red bar.
  4. They are not visible on the notebooks "page"

.. But I cannot get them out of the sidebar menu!

All suggestions welcomed!


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Hi.  There's been a long-standing issue that some users receiving shares from others,  cannot remove the share from their own account,  even if the owner cancels the share from their end.  If you're testing out the new EN with a free account and have binned your own note history,  it would make sense to create a completely new account rather than spend time trying to engineer the issue. 

If you do take this route you'd need to remove your current email address from this account before deactivating it to create a new one - unless you have an alternate address you're happy to use.  More details here - Deactivate your Evernote account

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Thanks - not a good omen for my return 😀 The "new" Evernote does look interesting, though. 

I've already set up payment, since some of the new features are paywalled. I'll see if I can "engineer" it by fiddling with the cache, etc etc.

Thanks again!

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I know about no way a user can remove „orphaned“ notebooks from his account.

Even the notebooks owner can’t do it if he deleted the notebook in his account before withdrawing the share.

If it can be solved, it is only through support working sort of magic on the server.

I regard this as a bug, because control over your data means as well to be able to „unsync“ every part showing in ones own account, even if it was shared by another person before.

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Thanks Pink Elephant, and gazumped - I actually did raise a ticket before I posted here, but have yet to hear back from support. I've hidden the troublemakers in a stack for the time being.

I've now got another issue with duplicated Google calendar events, so my return to the Evernote fold isn't being covered in glory. You guys are top, though!

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