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PDF on iPad

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I want to ask if there is any way to save files to PDF on iPad (on MacBook and iMac, it works after update) but not on iPad (not even in the web interface). Does anyone have any tips?


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What do you mean by „files“ ? A note ?

  • If you want to convert a note to a pdf, open the note.
  • Go to the 3 dots top right. Choose „Print note“ from the menu
  • When you see the print preview window, place 2 fingers on it, and „pinch“ outward, just as if you want to zoom it open.
  • It will then enlarge to full screen. This is a pdf ! By using the share button, you can send it to another app, email it or save it through the files app. 

This works for the  note itself. Attachments need to be exported from the note separately.

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