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Today I went to add a note and I got a message saying basically I have a free account and have to many devices, as I only use it on one device I was curious to find two iPhones, one last used 10 days ago another 2 days ago. As I only use Android, no one in my family use iPhone and nobody I know used iPhone so why were these on my account?

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Hi.  You should be able to see IP addresses linked to the other devices - are they different?  Are they possibly similar to your own?  The automatic systems recognition is sometimes not great - I was told someone from a different continent was accessing my account,  but when I checked the connections were from my IP address!

Obviously security can be a concern - Evernote have some notes about that... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004395487-What-to-do-if-you-suspect-unauthorized-access-to-your-Evernote-account

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Most likely these are no iPhones but regular computers that try to access accounts, camouflaged as an iPhone. Usually these devices run under program control and will alert a hacker controlling it when an access worked.

To check whether you e-mail address was exposed in one of the many breaches (not in EN, but in services like Yahoo and LinkedIn) of the last years, you can go here:

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My account was accessed by a New Unidentified Login from Sony Xperia Pro phone. The IP shows the location of Delhi, India; while I live in Bangalore, India. This IP surely would be a bogus one.
This is perhaps a hacking attempt. I have then added 2FA and changed password as a security measure. 

But is it possible to know what all this person did in my account while he was logged in? I am curious since there is a lot of data / notes present in my account. 

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