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Hi all. I think evernote is such I cool app. It has became my personal organizer.

I would like to make a suggestion for a feature.

Sometimes I am in a note, and suddenly I need to search for other thing. I search and the search takes me to another note. Then I remember I want to add something else to a third note. Then I'd like to go to the first note. To do so I have to search or browse back the original note. It would be really handy to have a back button, or something like a breadcrumb trail of the notes I've seen.



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OK I second the request for a "back button" so I can jump back to the note I just saw rather than have to search / troll for it again. It would be good to have a paging forward and back option so I can revisit the last few pages via arrow keys in the toolbar. Useful for equalising tags between a recent post and on emade some time ago forinstance...


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I'd be really really grateful if this could be bumped up the priority stack.

This problem occurs particularly often when a user tries to drag a tag from the tags pane to a selected note, only to find the note index repopulated by notes with that tag, while the originally selected note is lost.

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