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How do I log out??

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I’m using an iPhone SE G2 with iOS 14.7.  I have the iOS EN app, but had the occasion to need to log in to Evernote via Safari.  I appear to have no option to log out now.  Whenever I go to evernote.com I get the normal mobile landing page and if I click on “Already have an account? Log in” link it takes me directly to my Account Summary page, with a note at the top indicating that I’m logged in to may account, but without requesting log in credentials.  Not only can I not find any option anywhere to log out, I’m stuck in the Account and Security interface, where my only options under the top-right 3 bar dropdown menu involve my Account and Security information and settings — I don’t even have a way to get into actually using the EN web interface to access my notes.

I just want to log out.  Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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On 7/23/2021 at 8:53 AM, Velolion said:

I just want to log out.

Click the caret to the right of your name at the upper left corner



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5 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Where do you want to log out ? On the iOS client, or on the web client ?

Are you using the Free plan ?

So, like I mentioned, I'm using the web client via Safari for iOS...just logging in at evernote.com from the browser in iOS Safari.  I'm on the Plus plan.

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4 hours ago, DTLow said:

Click the caret to the right of your name at the upper left corner


Thanks, DTLow.  I'm not being dumped to a page even remotely similar to the one you're getting, though.  Here's the page I get sent to when I got to evernote.com then select "Already have an account? Log in"...it's an Account Summary page, with no apparent way for me to get out.  Weird, huh?




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35 minutes ago, DTLow said:

Can you turn your device landscape   
Your name will then be at the top right corner

This is hilarious, I just spent 15 min trying to log in to the Evernote Discussions site, on two different computers and three different browsers…every time I’d log in I’d get dumped to a subsequent page telling me I didn’t have permission to view the page and that I needed to log in…then I’d get dumped right back to the same page after clicking the “login here” link again.’ I truly cannot believe I’ve been paying for this ***** service as long as I have.

Anyway, to address your suggestion:  when I turn my phone landscape nothing changes…I just get a landscape view of the page (see screen shot).  I appreciate you guys trying to help, but at this point after dealing with significant issues with the iPhone and iPad editing features that have literally gone years without being addressed, and even more significantly note sync problems that also haven’t been fixed for years, I’m throwing in the towel and just gonna make the MacOS/iOS notes app work for me.


Thanks for your efforts!



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EN is not recommending to use the web client on a mobile device. The design does not adapt well to the tiny screen. It works pretty well on the iPad, and with iPadOS the websites are now set to desktop mode anyhow.

If you need to go to the web client on the iPhone, I would tap on the AA symbol left of the URL top of the Safari window. Choose "Request desktop website" from the drop down menu. The screen will switch to the other design - everything will be pretty small now, but you have the web client on the iPhone screen. Hope you have a iPhone XX Pro Max Plus extended view large screen - working with this site is not really fun.

This is the only possibility on the iPhone I am aware of to enter the web client - when on the mobile website, you only get to your account pages.

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