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Can't Reinstate Paid Subscription / Upgrade to Professional

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I have been a long-time premium user. Shortly after my premium annunal plan auto-renewed, I canceled as I had moved away from Evernote. With the new features and others on the way, I'd like to reup and perhaps upgrade to Professional as well. 

BUT any attempt to do so results in an error telling me canceled can't checkout. I've tried customer service the @evernotehelp Twitter account. All I get are links to how to upgrade - they don't seem to understand my problem.

Anyone else successfully navigate this? 



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following I am having exactly the same problem (for a different reason) in not allowing me to upgrade. It tells me that "You are ineligible to upgrade to Professional while on a Gift subscription"

I am a 12 year Evernote user and have NEVER paid via gift subscription ... I HAVE used the credits that Evernote used to give out to extend my membership.

Two days and still waiting for a reply from Evernote support

no upgrade for you.png

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Maybe support is currently a bit drowned. I would take it cool - there was no Professional plan yesterday, so why bother about tomorrow ?

And then it is Sunday, a day of rest and contemplation and setting things straight in EN (Ooops, didn’t want to mention it, it just slipped …) .

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