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Home background goes back to the default, using Evernote Personal plan

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I've recently upgraded to evernote personal. I've tried to change the background image. It goes back to the default image after I go to any other page ( like any note or notebooks or settings ).


This happens to the web and the desktop app. Desktop app version 10.17.6 on mac. 


Is there any way to solve this? 

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11 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Works for me. Setting a picture is AFAIK a per device issue, it won’t transfer itself to other devices. Make sure you save the new setting before moving on.

Works for me too. Although my Android device picked up the background I chose on my desktop. But that was when Home first arrived on Android.

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It works for me, but the dimensions given don't work. If I select one of the default images, I get the entire thing on screen. If I upload my own in the specified 2000x1280 resolution, I only get the middle third top to bottom and about 60% left to right. Tried various sizes and resolutions and can't get an image to fit 100%

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