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Add the option to color bulleted and numbered lists and more



When you select either bulleted or number lists in the top they are WHITE.  I have great use for bulleted lists, but I don't use them cuz they look absolutely UGLY. Instead I use checklists as they are black. The reason white looks absolutely ugly is because I change the colors. Imagine white on orange or any other color. It's such a simple thing too.. if we can change color of text lists should too, or at least give us the option. This is what we need evernote -  customizability. Not calendar integration or some advanced *****, upgrade the core first. It's what everyone uses on a daily basis. I love the colors we have right now (and please don't change them lol) but do consider adding a color selector, or select based on hex code. Stuff like that. Ability to customize how your bullet lists look, circles squares etc (google doc has a few). I attached a photo of how ugly white bulleted lists look on orange handwritten text. 


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