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Tasks and calendar are locked out

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I updated Evernote today. I had previously worked with the early release task and calendar functions. These were disabled in my Windows and iOS apps, stating I need to "Upgrade to Personal". See screenshot 1. The problem is I am already on the Personal plan. When I click the upgrade button, I am sent to the website, showing that I am already on the correct plan. See screenshot 2.

When I go to the web app there are no issues. I can still use tasks and calendar.

Please help!

Thanks you!

7-21-2021 4-10-04 PM.png

7-21-2021 4-15-45 PM.png

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@Clay ElrodSame here. It was working earlier today but activity on the forums suggest they are having major problems with sorting this out. It will probably get sorted if you are patient. You could raise a support ticket as well.

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