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Please default to NOTE to start a new note for NOTE application, don't make me choose note from note or task

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Hi Evernote, I've used your product since around 2013.

Evernote is a note application. I'm deeply annoyed that I have to CHOOSE "note" from a choice of note or task to start a new note. Please default to note and allow user to create a new task some other way.

Additionally, there was a feedback button for a long time at the bottom of the left sidebar. I used this many times to submit feedback. However, no one ever responded and none of my submissions were ever implemented. It all went into a black hole. I'm a UX designer. This is shameful.

One of my feedbacks was to default set the focus on a new note to TITLE, not note content. I want to title my note before I paste or create content, the same way I want to title a Google document before I write anything in it. By making me go back up to the top to put in a title, you're making my workflow backwards. It is a UX violation to make the user go back up to a previous part of the page to finish accomplishing their goal.

I've relied on Evernote daily for a long time. But the UX is declining steeply. 

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  • deborah0302 changed the title to Please default to NOTE to start a new note for NOTE application, don't make me choose note from note or task
14 minutes ago, deborah0302 said:

Evernote is a note application.

I think they are moving out of being a purely note taking application. If that worries you, it might be time to move to something that has no desire to be anything other than a note taking app.

I certainly would also prefer not to have to choose between a note or a task. I am slowly getting used to using ctrl-N (on Windows)

The point about starting in the title or the body of the note has supporters on both sides. Again shift-Tab quickly gets you where you need to be if they don't reverse the decision.

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