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[Font and style problem of Evernote] Is there any way to add fonts? code block syntax highlighting?





Until now, I just used EN as saving place for writing random stuff, so there was no need for beautiful fonts.

However, I want to use it as programming study archive which generates needs of 'code block syntax highlighting' and 'various font styles'.

Sadly, I only have three plain fonts, and literally 'gray block' for codes.

Is there any way to add fonts? add syntax highlighting in code block?



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Because of this reason, I have been using older version of EN for a long time. I am not sure how long we can use the good-and-old version. I suppose EN will scrap it in the future. This is the only reason why I am hesitant to use the new version.

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If you need specific features, use programs that are specializing in their respective field of experience.

For example for code I use COT Editor, that is build for code. EN would not reach its feature set in years - but it is not a good general editor in many aspects, it works great on code.

I compare it to a Swiss Knife and a box full of tools. You may often wish for your toolbox, but you only have your Swiss Knife with you. It will probably do, but you will not use it on a professional job.

Translated to EN use a software that is doing what you need, and attach the files to a note.

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