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Possible bug in web evernote

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When expanding note using the top left button, it works like it should. When I use the same button to collapse the note, it automatically clicks on the account button - a single click = click on collapse and click on account buttons. Normally this wont be very bothersome but I regularly use this feature. Just wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue.

Additional info - using windows 10, used chrome and brave browsers but issue persists. used it on another system, it still happens.

attaching the before and after pics




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I remember when some Evernote power-users would almost get into arguments trying to convince me that Evernote employees read all the user comments in this forum. Sadly those days are gone. I no longer post suggestions. Any comment I post here is to share with other users who can offer work-around fixes.

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That describes the main idea of the forum.

Support usually comes at you with a ton of questions - because they want to really understand the setup in which a problem occurs. The forum would not carry this - maybe that’s the reason why.

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