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Announcing big improvements to search in Evernote!

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Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that we’ve made some big improvements and additions to search in Evernote, including new advanced search syntax, Boolean search, and geographic search!


New advanced search syntax 

Advanced search syntax is now more powerful with the addition of a new category of “contains” items. Simply type “contains:” into the search bar to filter your notes by what type of content is in them—like calendar events, tasks, addresses, and more. 


This article shows the full list of items you can choose from and more info on using advanced search syntax.


Boolean search


For those who aren’t familiar with them, Boolean terms like AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) narrow down your search results so you can find the information you need faster. For example:

  • “Dogs AND cats” would show you only notes that have both “dogs” and “cats” in them.
  • “Dogs OR cats” would show you notes with either “dogs” or “cats” in them.
  • “Dogs NOT cats” would show you notes with “dogs” in them, but not if they also contain “cats.”
  • “(Dogs OR cats) AND birds” would show notes with either “dogs” or “cats” in them, but only those that also contain “birds.”


Geographic search

Some people who travel a lot need to find notes based on where they were taken—for example, at a conference, with a client on the road, or on a remote project site. Once you have the coordinates, you can search for notes created on a mobile device (with location tracking enabled) based on where they were created. For example, if you type “geodistance:37.49,-122.22,50km” you’ll see all the notes you’ve created within a 50 km radius of the Evernote head office. (You can also measure in miles and nautical miles.)

Boolean search and geographic search are both available to Professional and Teams subscribers.

You’ve been asking for these features for a while, and we’re excited to bring them to you today. Together, they make it even easier to find what you need in Evernote. 

To get started, make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version. If you have any questions regarding the recent plan changes, please see this article. Otherwise, feel free to start a thread in this forum or reach out to me directly here



Shane D.



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