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"Dead Man" Feature



Google has it and Facebook too.

I would like to give another user complete access to my notes when there was no activity on my account for a configurable amount of time. 

This would make it easier for e.g. my wife to access documents and memories when I am not more able to share things. 

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If you trust somebody, give him access while you can.

If not, place an access code (like the master key to a password manager) in a closed envelope with a professional who keeps stuff like that. In my place this would be a public notary.

This you can do now - waiting for a bunch of internet services to catch that ball probably is equivalent to „never in my lifetime“. And that is all what it is about …

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On 7/21/2021 at 3:12 AM, rudi said:

when there was no activity on my account for a configurable amount of time. 

My "dead man" trigger uses my daily journal note   
If missing for 1-2 days, I get an email reminder   
If missing for 3-4 days, family members get an email notice   
If missing for 5 days, family members get a final email notice that includes  password to my accounts

I have this set up with applescript on a Mac, running the Evernote Legacy product   
There's online services that perform a similar feature

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