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PDFs in some notes are invisible, easily overwritten!



I noticed recently with a few random notes that if there is a PDF attached, the PDF is invisible in the note. The only way I can access it is if I right click on the note and click "Save Attachments". If I were to write in the note, it would delete the invisible PDF that was attached!
I have included a sample .enex file with the issue.  The issue exists in both the Web Version of Evernote as well as the PC app 6.25.1. The note has a PDF and a Word doc attached, but only the word doc is visible in the app . I've also tried using the Evernote Web App and the issue is the same, only the Word doc is visible. I'm concerned about losing file content without realizing it as Evernote hasn't had this behavior in the past.

Superheroes in Crisis.enex

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The issue is the same in the classical client, the new Windows app, and on the web. On the new Windows App, the file shows a thumbnail from the PDF file, and the note size is 6 MB, but there is no visible PDF file in the note, and the Word file is only 555 kB.

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