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Feature Request - the ability to select which thumbnail to use for snippets



There has been a (so far) 10 year long forum discussion on the need for this feature. I'm a new user but it was the first failing I have come across in an application which seems to do everything else I need very well.   The link to the discussion is here -  


It says it all 


 Please, please  put this feature into the next release, it will make for a lot of very happy users. Thank you. 


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The request to select the image is one of the most voted requests. Unfortunately here another thread was opened without searching for the existing one, and voting it up.

As a workaround, create a new note and copy the content (without the incriminating image, of course). Send the old one to the trash.


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I totally agree there should be an option to select the snippet image.  

Even If I delete the current snippet image from the note, Evernote still displays the f**king image I deleted and there is no way to change that. Huge disappointment that Evernote did not fix this for 10 years!!! 

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