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Notes exported as HTML do not open in browser

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I've exported an entire notebook as HTML back when I used Evernote 7.x on my Mac OS. 

When I am  trying to open the HTML file with a browser (tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari), I see the notes layout for a brief second, but then it disappears, and instead there is a white screen with Evernote's logo, a title Evernote, and a text "Loading" and nothing else comes up.

If I use Mac OS's Preview software for a quick preview of the file (hitting the space key while the HTML file is selected) I can the the notes layout again, but I cannot scroll through the different notes. 

Are you aware of such a bug? is there a way to salvage my notes?


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Hi. First question has to be: why are you messing with an exported file when Evernote would normally have your notes archived on the server.  Have you logged into your original account to see what downloads from the server?  If that's not practical,  have you tried importing your notes into the Legacy product?  (I'm not sure whether v10 will import HTML).  We're mainly user-to-user here,  so I'm not aware of any 'bugs' being reported in this area - but that's not signifcant; I'm just a user.  If the resolution of this issue is sufficiently important to you,  you may want to consider becoming a subscriber to get access to email support...

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