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Choose with picture to show on the snipped view of your notes



I do have some notes that I really like to identify by the pictures inside the notes, however I find very difficult how to choose which picture is going to be reflected on my previous view. I Try to workaround and choose a bigger picture as my anchor picture but I see  the app choses a different one on my IOS app and and different one on my Windows app. Is there a way to fix a picture you want to show?

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I have the same problem going between Evernote for Windows 7 and Windows 10.  

Also I briefly put a barcode in a note and erased it.  However it continually shows that barcode even though there are many other pictures in that note. 



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In my experience these days the only chance to change the thumbnail / picture is to

  • remove all pics,
  • wait for server-sync untill no picture is shown and
  • then add the wanted picture first.

worked for me at least in EN-Web 10... 

(seems like a small copy of the former note picture keeps to be stored on the server even after deleting in the note body until there is no mor picture left.)

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