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Ds note / note station discrepancy

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Hi guys,

I noticed that my phone has 3121 notes while Note Station has fewer than that (perhaps 80 less).

Is there anything I can do on either the phone or the NAS to make sure everything is in sync properly?

Quick question re Evernote: I tried in the past to sync Evernote with DS note and ended up with a mess (creating duplicate folders and notes, not being able to retrieve everything). Is my only option to recover my Evernote content to pay for a premium subscription then sync with Note Station?


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Hi.  If you're on pre-10 Evernote,  and have the installed app somewhere in your system it should be possible to backup your database to your NAS,  or to move the local database folder to that location - although using network drives is not recommended. 

If you're on v10,  the parent database for your notes is on Evernote's server and you do not have any meaningful access to it other than through the app or the web client.  Those local files are based on what Evernote requires for current work in progress,  and may not be a complete record of your notes.

CloudHQ offer Evernote export & backup services,  as do Backupery

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NoteStation and DS Note is a proprietary note taking, handling & storage solution by Synology.

It can NOT sync with EN, and EN can NOT sync with DS Note. You can migrate from EN to Note Station, but this is a one time action to load the content of an EN account into NoteStation. The importer is responsibility of Synology, you have to ask there (forum or support). You can download directly from EN through an assistant, or import ENEX files (create one per notebook).

I won‘t discuss the pros and cons here, but in general be prepared to use an application with significantly reduced features, compared to EN. Plus you have to take care of your data by all means, including a solid backup solution and if needed an external access to your notes from the internet.

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