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Stopped receiving after receiving 11 emails

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I was scanning on my printer this morning, which is setup to send to my Evernote email address. I scanned 11, which got to my Evernote (~5 MB) but then none came into the database after that. The printer scan log shows 6 more scans that were sent, but is has been a half hour and none have gone into my database. I am a Premium member and it says I have 98% remaining with 7 days left in my month. Could it be some type of Evernote SPAM filter? Will they come later?

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There are several possibilities:

There is a limit of 200 mails per day. Not only by scanning, maybe you forward mails automatically.

When you send a lot of mails from the same address, it may get blacklisted. You don’t get a response (because if it were spam it is a bad idea to confirm the address to the spammer). But there is no spam folder neither, so the mails get lost !

If you were blacklisted, you need support to get you off the list again.

I don’t think that sending scans by mail is the best procedure. Maybe try the new import folders, they can be used to move files (from the scanner as well) into EN and create notes from them.

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Thanks for the responses. About an hour later, the scans did come into my Evernote. It's just whenever something isn't working in Evernote, I fear they made some change and won't fix it for awhile, if ever. 


I should clarify why I do scans this way. I have an Epson printer. One of the possible Destinations in the Scan to Cloud setting is Evernote, and for that, one must use the Evernote E-mail address. My computer is not part of the process. The printer is downstairs, not far from the door, so when important snail mail comes in, it can be quickly scanned (though most is scanned to Dropbox, not Evernote).

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I find interacting with Evernote to be a frustrating experience. For example, on issue that still isn't resolved after many months is pasting a combination of bulleted text and non-bulleted text from Word to Evernote for Windows 10. They respond in an inconherent way, and keep asking the questions that are apparent in the screens shots and videos I send. After all that time going back and forth, they tell me they don't have a timeline to resolve.

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Word has a completely different bulleting and indentation logic compared to the EN editor.

AFAIK there is no easy way to translate one created in word into EN without loosing formatting.

EN support is not very direct in answering such requests. You rarely hear a „no way“ even if that would be the answer. 

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