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Import from Excel - Apple Script

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Hi.  You don't mention whether this is Windows or Mac,  Legacy or v10.  V10 does not yet support scripting of any kind,  but does have import folders.  If you can look to export your spreadsheet to separate HTML, text or RTF files,  you'd be able to use the folders to import.  Legacy does still work with scripting,  so maybe you can find something there...

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10 hours ago, mattboll said:

Years ago i used that Apple Script https://veritrope.com/code/evernote-csv-and-text-file-importer/ to import from excel, but it doesn't work anymore. Is anybody familiar with scripting?

I use applescript to import data from a .csv file (bank transactions)

First, confirm you are using the Evernote Legacy product     
Scripting is not supported by the v10 product

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28 minutes ago, mattboll said:

i'm using v10 on mac 

after your post i installed evernote legacy, but the script doesn't run  at all

I tried the script and got an error message           1226551475_ScreenShot2021-07-17at22_31_38.png.e7f49f9de97eb6f503410e1fea62e391.png
for various statements

Also, I see the script references application Evernote
You might check the name of the application you installed
- by default it's called EvernoteLegacy

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Go to the website mentioned in the first post. Read the description, the „what to dos“, the comments.

Scroll down, take a look at the script. It is quite long, but try to understand what it does.

Now work your way through installing and running it. Remember it was written for one purpose by the person who published it, not as a click-button solution.

Try and learn …

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If you know an university from the inside, you might have heard that learning is related to respect and challenge. Your post is lacking both.

But no problem, it won’t stick - since following your own words you are out of glue …

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27 minutes ago, mattboll said:

" is ist worth it?"

Learning scripting with Applescript is absolutely worth it    
I use various scripts to enhance my workfows, including the previous mentioned import of .csv files

Of course, it helps if your apps are integrated with Applescript   
It's an important must have for me, and one of the reasons I'm not using the v10 product

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With your „friendly“ posts you won’t earn much support here.

The forum is user 2 user, and we are free to post where we want and (within forum rules) what we want.

Your idea somebody would fix a script from 2013 comprising nearly 3.000 words of code for you without contributing to the effort is - interesting. 

You said you solved your problem - so I say we can close this discussion.

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