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In the good old days, I'd open a note, and read it

Now the keyboard automatically covers 75% of the note, so I first have to remove it to read the note. 

That's progress.

I use Microsoft Swiftkey.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?



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I have fixed this with 'Edit Protection', but now there is a stupid Blue box in the middle of the note saying EDIT.

I can no longer just tap where i want to edit.

A total f-up

This update is a disaster.

thank you for your help


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It was one of the TOP user requests here in the forum for the old version to avoid unintended editing. I don't remember anybody posting there that this would not be a good idea to implement.

Obviously you are one who missed to spell out his opposition on that voting thread. Because to protect against unwanted editing, you need to add another step before a user can start to edit.

Now here we are: EN listened to his users, and implemented a protection against unwanted editing. And you don't like it ...


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