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More ridiculous bugs in the web version of Evernote

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I finally DITCHED my paid Evernote description and will stick with the free version from now on.

I have already started migrating tasks from Evernote into new apps so that I can eventually say goodbye to this bug-riddled piece of trash.

Go ahead fan-boys and tell me what a JERK I am for pointing out how half of the threads in this user forum are now people talking about leaving the platform.

Not that anyone in this company cares, but when I say that Evernote is BY FAR the absolute WORST text editor on the face of the earth, I'm not kidding.

Each version of evernote (web / old desktop version / new desktop version / android / windows) are just awful. And not one of them works good as a SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR.

How can you people seriously claim to be the best note taking software out there when your text editor cannot even perform BASIC FUNCTIONS.

I spent 20 minutes trying to make a BASIC CHECKLIST WORK in the web version of Evernote tonight and here is what I found.

1. When you place a checkbox next to a line of text sometimes it creates an indent and sometimes it doesn't. No rhyme or reason why,
2. If you are using the arrow keys to navigate your list, once your cursor goes behind the checkbox, pressing the right arrow key does NOTHING and will not advance the cursor.
3. No explanation of why carriage returns sometimes drop a single line and sometimes drop 2 lines. There's no way to control this and no way to figure out why it chooses one over the other.
4. The delete key produces all kinds of random behavior as to what it will actually delete
5. When you hit CMD-Z to "undo" something, the page randomly jumps up several screens in height — not to the top, but to just some random place making it very difficult to get back

I could write 10 more that I found tonight just from this but after half an hour trying to make a simple list of 10 items without being able to control any of this formatting nonsense or use the cursor properly I tossed this app in the trash once again.

I will be doing checklists in another app vs wasting my productive time trying to work around one bug after the next in this horrible software.

I sincerely hope you lose enough paid customers to go out of business.

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One more bug.
In the desktop version you can hit a carriage return to continue adding new lines with the checkbox already inserted.
However in the even worse web version you not only can't do this same behavior but pressing the checkbox button adds TWO checkboxes and sometimes indents the line fore no reason. When you go to delete the indent (which is a series of spaces) you end up getiting weird behavior where items in front of the cursor are being deleted along with items behind the cursor.

Sometimes the items behind the cursor won't delete.



I have never seen a company fail so miserably at the most basic functionality of their product.

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9 minutes ago, DrunkenCyclist said:

Go ahead fan-boys and tell me what a JERK I am for pointing out how half of the threads in this user forum are now people talking about leaving the platform.

Hi.  Er... we're actually (mostly) other users here,  so feel free to vent,  but since - as you point out - a lot of your audience are already talking about leaving,  it's not going to do anyone a lot of good.  If you want to get some issues fixed,  or feedback direct to Evernote,  please submit a support ticket. 

If you're already committed to leaving,  we feel your pain.  Best of luck with the rest of the notetaking market.  Let us know where you wind up! 

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There are currently three web versions of Evernote (vaguely called new, previous and classic) - If you go to your Account Summary you should be able switch to a different version which may or may not help if the version your account is set to is acting up. I don't know if everyone has access to every version but it is worth investigating.

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I can confirm the interestingly named options, but I've been with Evernote since it had a till-roll display and I think more recent converts might only have one other option to the current default.  Check 'account info' and 'Evernote Web' (scroll down) for any options...

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