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NTFS Permissions With ICACLS

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@ICACLS I am attempting to set permissons for a local user account so that they have read and execute permissions to a folder and its contents but are denied any modify or delete permissions. Here is my following syntax: 

icacls C:\test /deny %computername%\user:(W,D) /T

icacls C:\test /grant %computername%\user:(RX) /T

When i run this command, it succeeds in applying the requested permissions but when i login with my user that i applied the settings for, i receive an access denied error when attempting to open the folder. The odd thing about all of this is that when i set these same permissions by hand, it works just fine, but if i set those same permissions via this script, it deny's the user read access even though my ACL is clearly allowing read access.


Any help is greatly appreciated,

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