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(Archived) Dial2Do: What is being authorized?

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I was about to sign up for the Dial2Do (Voice2Note ?) through Trunk, but came on a page asking me to authorize Dial2Do access for permission to create notes, read notes, and update notes.

I didn't authorize it because I'm not inclined to give 3rd-party access to my entire EN content.

Can someone clarify precisely what Dial2Do is being authorized to do?



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When we give a partner like Dial2Do a "key" to integrate with Evernote, we allow them to specify which types of operations they will need to perform against the Evernote accounts of users who authorize access. In the case of Dial2Do, they need to be able to check for new audio notes that appear within your account ("Read notes"), and then update those to include text transcriptions. They also have a mode where you can call them and transcribe a note directly ("Create notes").

They don't (for example) have permission to delete notes from your account.

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Thank you.

I understand that Dial2Do uses humans as part of the transcription process (to ensure accuracy), and I have in fact seen transcriptions from them where it was obvious that a human had tried to step in where voice recognition had failed (usually proper names).

I am curious if humans are involved in the scanning of EN account notes in the process of checking for new audio notes.

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No, I believe that the process of grabbing audio notes is fully automated (they're making queries against your account using our search grammar to identify new notes containing at least one Resource of type "audio/*"). I think that any human involvement is very far down the processing pipeline.

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