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Notes going to View only

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In iOS it is here in settings:




If active (I have switched it OFF) all notes are in read only mode when opened. A double tap is needed to activate edit mode.

Edit protection was a long standing user request with the old clients - EN listened and created this option.

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10.13.1 with a fix to reduce the occurrence of "view only" to your notes is out today. If you haven't received the update yet, sit tight as it's coming soon to your device. Alternatively you can search for Evernote in the app store and update it manually. 

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Here is what worked for me! Hopefully it works for you too. 🙂

Step 1. View the note on another device or through a different avenue. 
    Example: if you are experiencing the issue while in the app, open Evernote in the browser (just a heads up - apparently Evernote is not supported on Android browsers. So if you're an Android user, you may have to log on using another device like a laptop or another phone with the Evernote app downloaded). If you are experiencing the issue while in a browser, open Evernote in the app. I personally was using Evernote through the app on my phone when I experienced the issue, and then opened it in the browser on my laptop. 
Step 2. The note should be editable. Make a change to the note. Anything works -- all I did was add a period to the beginning of the note. Then save the changes and refresh. You can delete any changes you make later.
Step 3. Refresh your notes in the original device you were using. 
Step 4. There should now be two notes in the original device. One should be titled as normal, and the other should say "Note conflict" at the beginning of the note title. 
Step 5. The "Note conflict" version should contain your most recent changes to the note before the read-only or view-only issue happened. 
Step 6. Copy and paste any new changes from the "Note conflict" note to the other normally titled note.
Step 7. The "Note conflict" note can now be deleted, and the originally titled note can be used as normal. 

YAHWEH bless you!

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Producing note conflicts may do the job, but I feel we must not really provoke duplicates to solve the problem.

  1. My observation is that EN locks the note on one device when it is open on another. So first thing is to check this, and leave the note on the device where you are not working.
  2. Second it may be that the note was created by another program, like Scannable, Skitch or Penultimate. If it is locked, go to the corresponding app and edit it there. Or open the note and copy all content to a new note. If you duplicate the note itself, it will have the same copy protection - but not if only the content was copied.
  3. When switching devices, sometimes EN just needs a little to sync the last changes. My observation is that it first sends a "lock" signal, then runs the syncing and at the end send an "unlock" signal. This may take a few seconds, depending on note size, devices and internet connection. If it locks to sync, the best method is to wait a little until it has run the job. It will then unlock by itself.
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