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Evernote for iOS version 10.13 release notes

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Hi All,

Here are the release notes for version 10.13.


  • Customize options for the new note button in Settings > Create Button
  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes related to app crashing.
  • Reduced occurrence of notes incorrectly showing as 'View Only'



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Me again: Anything new about a user setting to switch Home off?


Edit: If someone want this too, please upvote this thread in the top left corner and fill a bug report: 



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Shane D - if you read these entries: I keep getting (for nearly two months now) the error message which won't stop recurring - only Force Quit works - 

I've tried restarting my Mac several times, uninstalling the app, reinstalling from both the AppStore and directly from the Evernote site. Same message as soon as I open the app: Whether I hit restart or quit , nothing changes - the error message reappears immediately so I can only Force Quit. I'm using the web version and iOS versions, but as you know, there are some important features (such as encryption of selected text, exporting notes, etc.) which are only available through the app. Please, please help!


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Awesome, it still takes about 15 seconds for a cold boot on the iPad Air 2 I’m typing this on, and now even if I customize the “new note” button to only have one option it still takes an extra tap to go from the stupid home screen to actually trying to remember what fleeting idea I opened it for, never mind the several seconds of staring at progress spinners after I hit the “notes” button on the home screen to look for a particular note that isn’t showing up in the home screen! Perfect, well done, when are y’all gonna get Evernote Classic up on the App Store as a separate app so I can keep on paying a subscription for a tool that actually worked instead of using this sluggish ***** you keep trying to polish by putting more interactions in between “opening the program” and “typing some stuff into a new note, or rapidly finding an existing note and adding to it”?

I keep putting off trying to decide which of the other possibilities to switch to annoys me the least, but it sure looks like I’ll be doing this once I don’t renew my subscription this November. Figure out how to make “speed up the loading experience” and “removed pretty-looking barriers to the fundamental operations of this app” look good on your productivity review and resume instead of “added a new feature that slows things down even more”.

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If you are leaving the service anyhow, why are you complaining ?

An iPad Air 2 is a device probably from 2014 (we have one ourselves), so expect it to be slow(er). It has appr. 1/10th of the transistor count of a new iPad Air. We use ours mainly for retrieval of notes from EN, less for entering new information. It does the job, I wouldn’t use it as my main access to EN.

On newer devices EN runs OK. The iOS app from my experience is very stable, working fine.

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