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Evernote for Android version 10.13.1 release notes (Updated)

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Hi All,

Here are the release notes for version 10.13.1


  • Customize options for the new note button in Settings > Create Button
  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes related to app crashing.
  • Reduced occurrence of notes incorrectly showing as 'View Only'
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12 hours ago, C Fuchs said:

How do I go back to 8.13?

You will need to uninstall the latest app and download older v8.13 .apk file from third party websites like Apkmirror. Have no idea about iOS if you're asking for that.

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No way on iOS (no 3rd party installs unless the device is jailbroken) - but IMHO no need for it either.

The iOS client runs stable, the features are better than the prior versions. The only thing I am missing is the Apple Watch client.

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Evernote is getting logged of just after sign in on my IPhone . Please provide me a solution. I am writing this multiple time and have not got any solution. This is irritating. there is no help contact or mail Id to contact. 

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On 7/13/2021 at 11:59 AM, pavank said:

You will need to uninstall the latest app and download older v8.13 .apk file from third party websites like Apkmirror. Have no idea about iOS if you're asking for that.

@pavank Thank you! I was unaware of Apkmirror. Thank heavens they exist!  I started looking for alternatives to Evernote (and I'll keep looking when I have time). Words cannot describe how much I detest version 10!  Buggy beyond belief and slow as watching paint dry!  What were these people thinking? That thing isn't even good enough to call a Beta version! 
And to Evernote decision makers: Do you think your users are such lonely people that they need an app to tell them "Good Morning ********" at the expense of a considerably slower user experience?  Evernote users are BUSY PEOPLE, and don't need your app to be a new friend!!!

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Hi - when the new Evernote plans rolled out yesterday, I shifted from Premium to Personal.

However, on Android I am locked out of Tasks, which no longer appears as an option. When I use the button at bottom of screen to try to create a new task, I get a message "Tasks not enabled - Update your Evernote version to keep using tasks".

I then noticed that my EN version on Android is 10.12.1, which is apparently not the latest version. Is there a way for me to update to 10.13.1, which might solve the Tasks problem? I've gone to the Android Play Store but there is no update available there. 

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I saw in a General Discussion thread that EN was suggesting logging out of EN and logging back in to try to solve problems with Tasks access.

On Android, I can't log out of EN. When I try to sign out, I get a whirling circle for a while and then nothing happens.

Meanwhile, on my Windows desktop at home, Tasks and EN seem to be working fine, personal version. I logged out on my desktop and logged back in. Still having problems with Android.

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