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Two Factor Authentication Codes

Peter Nimmo


I have changed phones recently so I deactivated 2FA for Evernote, I could see no Evernote entry in Google Authenticator in the old phone, so I followed the evernote instructions to add one.

However after entering the long key and using "Time Based", the codes coming back from Google Authenticator are not recognised by Evernote

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I also now can't get to the page for enabling two factor authentication, as when it says "Verify Password", states my email address, and says "Continue With Google", if I hit continue I'm now getting:

Error 403: disallowed_useragent


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Yes, it seems you are exceeding the device limit.

I use different names for my I-devices to tell them apart. I would unsync most, leaving one device active, and start to build from there.

New password and 2FA first, the the second device.

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The trouble is that big long string I added to google authenticator did not produce working codes, and now I can't reach the 2FA page to even try adding it due to the stupid 403 error so I don't know how I'm meant to fix things

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