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After update PC-Client evernote I can't find sync folder path set-up, How can i set up sync folder path by D:\ ? (KOR-version)

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Hi All

I want to change sync-folder path C:\ to D:\
it is using too much storage space in my computers
C:\Users\${USER}\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\resource-cache was almost 50GB
I want migrate these datas to D:\ 

How can i set up sync-path evernote PC-client to D:\ ?
my evernote version is 10.17.6 (Korean lang)




and there is setting up sync folder path in tools items
(the item menu in korean (파일 | 편집 | 보기 | 노트 | 창 | 도구 | 도움말))

In tools Items
there is no item related with sync-folders
(도구 - 계정 정보 , 기본 설정 - 입력 시 맞춤법 검사 | 로그아웃 시 데이터 저장 | 가져오기 폴더 )
(Tools - Account Information,
Preferences - Check Spelling As You Type | Save data on logout | import folder )



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Hi.  I'd recommend contacting Support - the only option I can see is to use the browser version of Evernote rather than the installed app.  Evernote decides where the temporary note storage folder is kept...

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Under v10 there is no option to alter the predefined installation path.

You can for sure x contact support to make them aware of it  - but short term it will install itself on c-drive.

Maybe use the low price level and get yourself a larger SSD as system drive.

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