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Integrating Fillable Forms into Evernote (other than EN templates)


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I am not highly computer knowledgeable. I would like to be able to create a pet report card to send to my clients after each appointment and save that report card in each client's EN note. I could do this with an EN template but it would not have an upscale, attractive appearance. Therefore, I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of a solution that allows me to create and attractive, reusable and editable form that can easily be texted to clients and saved into EN. Ideally, I would be able to open a client note and hit the "add" button to access this form but I really don't know what possibilities are available and a web search is not enlightening. All you brainiacs got some ideas? 

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Hi.  Setting up something even semi-automated would require quite a bit of input from you.  Various apps will connect Evernote with other services and vice-versa, so that it's possible to generate a note as a record of a diary entry or a 'to-do' item,  or to start a note in Evernote that will prompt a diary entry or an email to another service.  In no particular order,  some of these apps are:

Actiondesk / API Fuse / Automate.io / Chronify / CloudHQ / Elastic.io / Filterize / Huginn / IFTTT / Integromat / LeadsBridge / Microsoft Flow / Piesync / Workato / Zapier

... but to get something up and running quickly you might do better to create your ideal form in a word processor and save it as a PDF file, which you can then edit to include your specific comments on a visit.  If you save a 'template' document for each client you can avoid typing the same individual details.

Good luck!

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This sounds more like a small database can do for you - add a template design and some client information to build a nice form for yourself.

You could try to do it with EN, like creating a note for each client and duplicate it for each new entry. But you stay bound to the limitations on data handling and layout.

I have heard Notion would be pretty good at this database to note business, but I don’t use it, so this is theoretical.

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