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Evernote 7.14 and Monterey Beta - missing PDF plugin

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I'm still on EN v7.14 on all my Macs, but I upgraded my (non-mission critical) Macbook Pro a few days ago to MacOS Monterey Public Beta and now EN will not display any PDF files.  I just get "Missing Plugin" in the note pane.

So I bit the bullet, and installed the latest Evernote v10 on that same Macbook Pro.  Now it displays the PDF files in notes - but in a weird way - it only displays one page at a time, and you have to scroll to the bottom of every single page to find the forward/back arrows and click on them.  A complete pain in the ass to find your way through a hundred page PDF...!  Can't use the scroll bar, and there's no overview strip of the pages under the note pane as there is on the iPad, for example.

v10 on Monterey also seems to take forever to load up and start working, whereas I'm used to the lightning fast startup time of v7.14.  Overall, I'm not happy with version 10 at all, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to it running on the Monterey Beta.  And I'm not game to upgrade my perfectly-working v7.14 on my other Macs that ARE mission critical.

So - what is the "missing plugin" in Monterey?  Is it something I can download separately and install?  Is it something that is likely to be fixed with an update to the Beta of Monterey, so that I can then revert to my v7.14 (which I still have installed alongside v10)?  Anyone any clues?

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Thanks for the reply - appreciated.  Yes, it just seems a bit odd that the plugin to show PDFs is dependent on the OS rather than being intrinsic to Evernote v7.14, while it works in Evernote v10.  And that version 10 thing of showing only one page at a time, and not the whole document that you can scroll through quickly like we could in v7.14 - that's a real pain in the ass...! 

Don't know who thought that would be an improvement?!  Probably the team that thought changing almost everything from a faultlessly working version 7.14 to create this new monster would be a good idea!  

We have the updated versions of EN on our iOS devices - and hate them with a passion.  It happened because I had automatic updates turned on.  And now we have slow, unresponsive EN, can't sync on demand, and a lot of the time it doesn't sync at all and loses notes, and all this other stuff that we don't want - like Tasks.  It's about as useless as Chat. 

I just want my repository of notes back, that could perform OCR on images and PDFs, and store everything locally, instantaneous search, and sync on demand by hitting a sync button or pulling and releasing on the iOS versions.


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