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Doing restore of OS/Apps drive from image backup



I prefer to do image backups of entire drives. I have my OS/Apps on Drive C and my "data" on Drive D.

In the past, I directed the Evernote local files database to reside on Drive D. However, since going to the new release it seems to no longer use that at all. It's been a few months now.

I have a hiccup in my Windows and plan to restore from an image backup of the entire OS/Apps drive (Drive C) that I created a week ago.

I assume there's nothing at all special I need to do in advance with respect to Evernote local files or anything, correct?


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v10 holds everything in the cloud. Make sure the latest changes have been synced from the PC - if not sure, look it up in the web client.

If the restore for EN should not work, simply install it fresh and download your stuff from the server.

With legacy there would be the concern of local notebooks - nothing like that in v10.

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