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Some more features

Ebenezer Joshua


1. Add extra features to edit tables and their contents as in and Excel.

2. Add text editing features (like adding symbols & other kind of mathematical stuff and like adding headings, sub headings, etc..) as in Word 

3. Add 1 more hierarchy level in organizing notes like sections / super stacks

4. Add a sort option to sort notes and notebooks manually

5. Remove the section of recent notebooks (or else it can be customisable) 

6. Add notebook description in addition to notebook name while editing notebook details in windows version in which the customer can able to add some introductory word or any kind of description that they needed (note that it should not be mandatory)








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On 7/9/2021 at 8:07 PM, Ebenezer Joshua said:

as in Excel   
as in Word 

Excel - spreadsheet editor    
Word - word processing editor   
Evernote - note editor

We're seeing features added to the Evernote editor over time
Until your specific features get implemented; as per @PinkElephant, I recommend using an external editor and storing the document as a note attachment file

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I too would love another hierarchy level such as Sections. Microsoft OneNote has this, and it's a big pull for me. I manage lots of client projects through Evernote, but currently have to have it set up as:

Stack: Client Projects > Notebook: Project Name > Note: Everything within

But I would love to have Sections within each notebooks where I can organize "Pre-production materials" or "Meeting Notes". I know I could do this with tags and filters, but I'd really REALLY prefer sections.

Hope this is possible!



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IMHO you set it up the wrong way when using EN.

Too many notebooks, not enough tags.

This is not about general ways of organizing things. But EN works differently. So work with it, and it can do a lot for you, work against it, and you end up writing forum posts.

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