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Trouble scraping wsj.com articles to archive - Evernote's automatic selection misses top of page

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I'm a writer, editor and researcher. I scrape a lot of articles from news sites into my archive for research, such as nytimes.com, financialtimes.com and wsj.com. That last one is the problem.

When I save a clip from wsj.com, in article or simplified article format, Evernote always misses the top section of the article, including the lead paragraph, byline and headline. If I then manually expand the selection box -- usually four clicks -- I can get it all.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any tips? I'm loathe to save "full page" because it creates such big, ill formatted clips. I've attached a screen grab of what I see whenever I try to archive a wsj.com page, before I manually adjust the selection.

Any suggestions? This happens on one other site which I can't recall at the moment. It's irksome, really slows down the flow of reading and saving. Thanks for your thoughts. 

Evernote wsj screen 2021-07-09.png

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