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[BUG REPORT] Multiple Widgets for Multiple Accounts Results in Unexpected Behaviour



I have an Evernote account for home and an Evernote account for work.  


I wanted to put a pair of widgets on my home screen; one that would add a note to my home account, and one that would add a note to my work account.  

I switched to home account, added widget, tested.  All worked correctly.


I switched to work account, added widget.  At this point, the work account widget works, but when I add a note to the home account widget, it winds up in my work account.  


Switching accounts on the app at this point seems to determine which account receives notes from here forward.


However, the widget displays the  name of the notebook from the correct account, even if it sends the note to the wrong account, and no errors are displayed.


Suggested Actual Behavior:

If multiple widgets are not supported, remove the ability for multiple widgets.

If they are supported, but only for a single account, then using a widget with the wrong account logged in should produce an error message or be greyed out.

If multiple-widgets-multiple-accounts are supported, then the widget needs to work independently of the current app login.


Thank you.

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