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Add Timestamp to Completed Task



As an IT pro who has to document their daily actions in 15 minute increments...ugh....a completed time-stamp on tasks would be a nice feature to create a pseudo timeline of events. 

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Yes, I would like this as well. 

Gotta say, I'm loving the task feature. I'm a long time user of OMNIFOCUS (pricey) - but don't use it at all anymore. I appreciate the way in which TASKS present, with a link to the associated note. I add sub-tasks as a list within the note.

I can manually add date and time stamp to the note when I check complete... but it would be nice if it was automatic and attached to the task.


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I would love the timestamps feature as well. The timestamp could go where we have the due date. When the user complete the task, the timestamp will replace the due date with "completed on MM/DD/YY at HH: MM." If the user completes the task late, the time stamp could be colored in red; if the task is completed on time, the timestamp is colored in green. In both instances, if you click on the timestamp, it should have all recorded changes as a dropdown.

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