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Keep selected tags when I create a new note / Create note with current tag(s)

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When I am in a notebook and I create a new note, the note is created in that notebook and the view doesn't change because I am in that notebook. This makes sense.

I want this feature for tags too. It exists on the current production version of Evernote (Windows, at least).

I use tags to organize my stuff. Usually, a tag is a project. I will open the tag while I'm working on the project. When I am working on BIG_PROJECT I want to be able to quickly create note after note with BIG_PROJECT tagged, and as I create the notes they should appear in the note list without redirecting me to all notes.

Tags should be sticky.

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  • NewHero changed the title to Keep selected tags when I create a new note / Create note with current tag(s)
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For other use cases tags should NOT be sticky. It is a non decidable conflict between having to add a tag, or having to delete tags autocreated.

A note without any tags I can find easily - a note with the wrong tags not. Having no Tag is the more neutral approach, less prone to mistakes.

Tagging should be improved, but I would not like to have tags applied to a next note just because I had them on my last one.

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