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Web clipper on Android keeps trying to clip old items on a web clip or on app open

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I'm giving v10 a whirl again, but on Evernote 10.11 and now 10.12 (1115297) if I try to clip an item, or just open the app at all, I get the "web clipper" animation and an attempt at clipping the last item I already clipped. I can cancel it. However I recall this occurring when v10 rolled out. 

Any suggestions to fix this or a way to report it to the team? Have they discussed fixing this?

I also dislike how the web clipper now switches you out of your other app (the browser or whatever you are clipping from) and into the Evernote app. So you have to switch back. I still prefer the way the old Evernote Android web clipper would simply show a toast pop up that you were clipping an item, and then return focus to whatever app you were using. 

On the plus side the web clipper seems a lot faster and more reliable than when v10 rolled out.


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