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Please let us use the old version of Evernote, from back when it was actually good.



I've been using this app for TEN YEARS.  I don't understand why you treat long-time customers like me so horribly. I just want what I bought 10 years ago!  This new version is AWFUL. I can't find anything.  The tags are harder to use, the shortcuts are harder to use. Everything that used to take one click now takes 4 or 5, and to top it all off you've inserted commercials for your stupid tasks app in every activity.  I have to spend 2-3 seconds saying "no I don't want to make a task," every time I want to do ANYTHING. On a note-taking app, those extra few seconds are an eternity.

I want to go back to the way things used to be!!!!!  Back when I used this app to organize my thoughts for the entire last decade.  Just let me use the old version!  The old version was so much better!

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