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Exporting Apple Notes (macOS 11 and macOS12) to Evernote

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Hi All

Need some experienced users to show me the ropes. 

I want Evernote to be my "information store". I use Apple notes on the iPad as it works well with the pencil. 

I want to export (ideally automatically) Apple notes to Evernote. 

Please advise. Thank you

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No easy way - Apple Notes is pretty locked up. You can export as pdf, but it won’t OCR the handwriting in EN. 

To do a similar task I use GoodNotes 5. As long as the notes are active, I keep them in GN5. Once I can close them, I export as a pdf into EN. 

GN5 does an OCR of my handwriting. The OCR result can be exported with the pdf. This makes them completely searchable in EN. The build in OCR of EN will only work on picture files, not on PDFs.

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Just 3 hints (have not read anything):

AppleScript will work for Apple Notes. It will only work with EN legacy, not with v10.

Probably the best solution is to export as a pdf - just be aware that you will not (or only with pain) be able to edit a pdf later. But EN will OCR it and make it searchable, so it works great as an archive.

If you want EN to OCR handwriting as well, it must be imported into EN as a picture: jpg, png or gif will do.

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On 7/6/2021 at 3:16 AM, thatsrajan said:

I want to export (ideally automatically) Apple notes to Evernote. 

Apple Notes are convenient   
I use the share menu to send the note to Evernote

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