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Can't delete tags

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I have some tags that were on notes in notebooks shared to my account. The notes are no longer shared, and while some of the tags disappeared when the sharing stopped, others persist. For the tags that remained, there's no option to delete them. Has anyone run into this? I'd really like to clean them up as none of the tags are relevant to anything I have in my account now.

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Hi.  Have you restarted your device since all this happened?  If the third-party tags have persisted since the notes were shared,  they may have fallen through some code cracks and become undeleteable.  Logging out of Evernote and back in,  or restarting the device should get rid of most things, but if they're (effectively) preserved by corrupted code in the affected notes you may have issues.

If it's feasible you could try creating a new note on your system and then copy/ paste the content of a tagged note - then delete the tagged note.

If that doesn't work,  maybe move the tags into a 'wastebin' tag on your system so that at least they're not front and centre in your view?

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Orphaned notes are an old problem for EN. When a share is properly terminated by the sharing account, everything is ok. But when the sharer just deletes the notebook, or closes his account, the notes get orphaned in the account that received the sharing.

And these notes are difficult to get rid of, including their baggage like their tags.

So probably those tags that you can't get rid of belong to orphaned notes. No idea beside the ones posted above.

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