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Replace the Screen Capture approach for the Quick Note tool in the status bar


In the legacy interface, when you used the Quick Note tool, each screen shot or clip you captured were added into the same note. In the new version, each screen capture you make creates a new note. This makes an awful workflow. I should have the option to either choose to keep things in one note until I save the overall note, or create separate notes.

The current approach has rendered the screen capture tool useless to me because I am often grabbing multiple shots for one note. Now I have to create them an merge all the notes. It's also frustrating that I cannot capture a screen capture and add it in the actual Note interface.

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I am having the same issue. It is very frustrating that Evernote Dev team took something that was working great and messed it up. I will have to revert to legacy until they fix this issue.

In fact whats worse for me is that I cant even see the capture menu when I right click anymore.





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