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Evernote & Penultimate - date creation display not syncing

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I'm on the basic account with both Evernote & Penultimate and so far I'm loving going paperless. Everything I create in Penultimate syncs with Evernote - except the display / order of notes.

For example, in Evernote, I know you can display by date creation or modification. When selecting date creation, it shows it in the correct order on Evernote. However, when I go into Penultimate (especially if I start modifying different files within the folder), it seems to put it in the order of date modified. It won't display with the selection of date creation as I had set in Evernote. This makes it very annoying with folders containing many files, and I can't see it chronologically!

Please help me understand if I'm missing a trick?

How can I get my Penultimate to display in date created, just as I select and view it in Evernote?

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