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Evernote & Penultimate - date creation display not syncing

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I'm on the basic account with both Evernote & Penultimate and so far I'm loving going paperless. Everything I create in Penultimate syncs with Evernote - except the display / order of notes.

For example, in Evernote, I know you can display by date creation or modification. When selecting date creation, it shows it in the correct order on Evernote. However, when I go into Penultimate (especially if I start modifying different files within the folder), it seems to put it in the order of date modified. It won't display with the selection of date creation as I had set in Evernote. This makes it very annoying with folders containing many files, and I can't see it chronologically!

Please help me understand if I'm missing a trick?

How can I get my Penultimate to display in date created, just as I select and view it in Evernote?

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Long question, short answer: You can’t.

Penultimate was acquired by EN some years ago. It was not really developed, sitting sort of on the sidelines. You will have to live with handicaps when using it.

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