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Lost my files on latest upgrade. Given no option to see my notes but getting only premium and business account logins.

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I have had no acknowledgement to my previous query. Usually, one would think, that the moderator would send a 'hello' message and response to your topic in the forum. I have no way of retrieving my files from the 2015 app on my Windows machine ever since the new upgrade. There is no technical support.

Please acknowledge.

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Usually …

Well, the forum is user to user. You get an  answer, or you won’t. Depends on who is here, and how many posts are there.

You are showing as a Basic user. Part of the basic plan is no support. Real people cost real money, and you don’t contribute. You can always buy Premium (for a month …) and qualify for support.

Your problem is very simple: You exceed your Basic plans device limit. You need to unsync devices in your account settings until you are down to

- to 2 devices if the 2 correct ones are listed

- to 1 device if you want to add another that is not listed

You find more here:

All your notes are safe on the EN server. Just comply to the limits of the Basic plan you have chosen, and you can get to them.
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Please help - I never entered an email address ( to the best of my memory) and downloaded the app 4 years ago. I'd scanned important medical documents etc and yesterday tried to open them and they've all gone. I entered an email address's and logged in hoping to find the original scans and now have nothing and can't find how to contact "scannable" and desperately need help and advice of how to find the original scans. I'm praying somebody can assist me. Thank you 🙏

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No EN account without a mail address. Better think hard about it.

If you made one typo when entering your account login, you created a new account instead of the one you used. The new account will be empty.

Try again to log in, making sure your account login is correct.

If this doesn’t help, you can try support. For account issues Basic users can contact support. Select account as ticket type.

You will have to convince support that your request is legitimate.

For the future think about whether a free account is the right place to store important information.

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