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(Archived) Feature requests

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Three on this list:

1. In Entourage, I have a small reminders window that provides a list of current and upcoming events. Would be great if Evernote offered the same, so we could see a list of any grouping of items. Click an item and it comes up active in the main window.

2. Full screen editing. I like the fact Evernote offers a range of formatting options. I am one of those people who benefit from making the rest of the screen disappear (like with Dark Room and Write Room). Would like to see the ability to select a note and tell the text to go full screen, so I could focus on the writing when I have a document to build.

3. I understand there is some argument over whether subfolders or subitems woudl work with the Evernote vision. One thing I would like to see (haven't found a way to make it work yet) is a separate folder view of files (images, documents, etc...) I could attach and arrange into an order. Drop documents attached to a project, but that are not necessarily central to the project. Click on the folder and open/preview any document. Keep versions with newest first. All without mucking about with the actual text area of the note, if you don't want them to.


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