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"Untitled Note" is really just "Note"

Randy Zeitman


Make a new note and it's titled "Untitled Note".

99.99% of the time it's going to change so these two words must be selected.

But on a phone when you double-tap it selects a word, not both words, which would be a triple-tap, which I think most people don't know.

So why not just make it one word ... "Note".

Is there really any confusion if it doesn't say "Untitled"? ... Didn't I just make it? ... Would someone ever title a bunch of notes as "Note" and then get confused and blame Evernote? 

No! ... 

... and I think this new Evernote is just magnificent.

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Just tried it on my iPhone.

When I create a new note, it says „Titel“ - title in German. But it is only a dummy - once I tap into the field, it swaps to empty, and I can type right away without deleting anything.

Edit: When I miss to enter a title and close it, then it is called „Untitled note“.

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