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Previous search query should not be there unless I choose to

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When calling out a new search via click of keyboard shortcuts, either globally or within one note, I would expect the existing text box text to become selected by default, so if I just type in the new query, the old one gets deleted automatically. That's a standard behaviour and it's the way it works on Chrome and Firefox, for example. Instead, on Evernote I have to select the existing query and delete it first, otherwise as I type the new one, it's going to merge with the existing and obviously no results are going to be displayed. This should be fixed. 95% of the times, people want to perform a new search, not refine an existing one. I am pretty sure analytics would confirm that. 

A proper solution to this issue would be to select the search query when the search overlay is called out, so if the user starts typing, the old query would disappear, and if the user wants to edit it, they can press an arrow key and do what they want with the existing query.

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